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Fall Exhibitions: RESORT- Susanne Slavick & Andrew Ellis Johnson and Sanctuary- John Guy Petruzzi

OCT 17, 2018 11:00 AM - 04:00 PM

1006 Installation Gallery, 1007 Gallery C, 2001 Gallery A, 2005 Gallery B, McDonough Museum

The John J McDonough Museum of Art will open its fall season with two exhibitions, RESORT, a traveling exhibiton of works by Susanne Slavick and Andrew Ellis Johnson and Sanctuary, paintings by John Guy Petruzzi. RESORT explores the social and political issues and injustices that continue to shape the way we treat asylum seekers. In Sanctuary, Petruzzi presents paintings of 11 native birds of Ohio that are classified as threatened, endangered, extirpated and even extinct creating a message that is a call to action. We hope you will join us at the McDonough to view these two timely and thought provoking exhibitions.

Cost Notes:
Free and open to the public

Parking Notes:
Parking will be available in the M30 Wick Avenue Deck for a nominal fee

Contact Information:
YSU McDonough Museum of Art


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